It is that time of the year once again, when the DCA honors our long standing contributors to the community with the A. Walter Turnbull Award.

For 2023, the DCA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Dave and Joyce Metcalfe have been named as recipients of the A. Walter Turnbull Award.

Dave and Joyce Metcalfe

Dave and Joyce moved to the community in 1988, and right from the start they were involved in volunteering in the area.

In 1992, when Dave took over the “new” griddle duties from Gardy Shaw, he has been a fixture at the DCA’s annual DeWinton Canada Day breakfast. Every year, Dave provides the equipment, fuel and supplies to ensure that the pancake magic goes off without a hitch! Under his direction and guidance, volunteers work hard so that 400 hungry Canada Day celebrants get a belly full of pancakes and a smile on their face. Without Dave, either the pancakes wouldn’t happen, or the cost of renting the equipment would put us in a large deficit.

We are not sure what the connection is between Dave’s career as an explosive’s expert and pancakes, but we understand that the original griddle that Dave volunteered with was a monster that leaked and burned the legs of the volunteers using it. We can only assume that this griddle instilled a level of self preservation and safety first attitude that Dave utilized throughout his career.

Joyce was a volunteer at the preschool during the years that their son, Alan, attended. Joyce was also the secretary on the board when the hall burnt doen. After the firefighters left, she took it upon herself to rescue the water logged records from the basement and laid them throughout her home to dry. If not for her effort, these important hall records would have been lost forever.

Dave and Joyce both have a long history of volunteering with the DCA. They also both regularly volunteered at the monthly dances and socials, as well as the casino fundraisers.

On behalf of the Board and Association, thankyou Dave and Joyce, for all you have contributed over the years to our community and to the DCA. You two make the area a better place!